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Overview of Windows Loader Crack

As you know this you can easily activate your windows with Windows Loader Crack. Now it does not matter that which version you are using only you have to do is this. That download and then you will have to install it. Also, it basically does not install. It will automatically run without installation. Then you will have to choose between Windows and Office. The version which you will use will be the default. And then you will be at the next step which is this that you will have to choose the version. It will show you the full detail about your system also more. Then only in few simple clicks, you will be able to install the latest product key on your system. Which you can go and see in the settings.

windows loader download Crack

After that, once you will be able to Windows ActivatorNow imagine that you want to activate the office. Then you can also do that. Only you have to do is this that follows a few simple steps and you are done. There is nothing left which you can do and enjoy. This is all that you will have to do. Click on office or windows it is your choice then you will be simply able to activate them. There is not even one version of the office and windows that you cannot activate with it. Once you will choose the right version.

Then there are different services using which it will activate. You can choose KMS and then get the product key. After that, you are all the way there. Now you can activate your windows. The whole process which is happening you can view at the bottom in detail.

Features of Windows Loader Crack 

  • Windows Loader Crack V 2.2.2 Download for free.
  • Any version of windows can be activated with it.
  • Also, you can activate the office too with it easily.
  • It supports all the OS which include 7, 8 and 10.
  • If you want then you can activate 2010, 2013 and even more.
  • After Windows 10, 8 and 7 as you know other different versions are available. Which include Home, Pros and even more.
  • This is the one which also supports all of those versions.
  • KMS auto service and also other services are available which will install the key on your system.
  • If anyone will not work, then you can try another key.
  • With the product key, you will be able to use more advanced and security features too.
  • You can also manually add the Product key in it.
  • Only if you want then you can check your system product key with it.
  • From the dashboard, you can get full detail about your system.
  • All the latest versions it supports for the activation.
  • Update the software if you want to get more product keys to use.
  • Any office word, excel and even more, can be activated with it.
  • Change your windows version by changing the product key.
  • Above all, your windows version will become genuine when you will activate using it.
  • Unlock more functions of the office by activating it.
  • More and more features will be available to use after activation.
  • Using it you can easily activate any one windows version with it.
  • All the latest build is supported by Windows Loader V 2.2.2.
  • You will be really amazed when you will start using this software.
  • Windows Loader Features:


This loader is compatible with all the Windows versions and it supports both 32bit and 64bit respectively. Which means you don’t need two software for activating Windows.

Auto System Detecting

It detects system atomically which means you now don’t need to select Windows version by yourself. Windows Loader will detect your Windows version and its architecture automatically.

Virtual Machines Are Supported

It is supported by VMWare also. If you are using Windows on your VMWare or Virtual box or any Virtual Machine software to run another OS then you can also activate it by using Windows Loader.

Automatic Mod

This tool has an automatic mode. It means that it will activate your windows within just clicks. It saves a lot of your time when activating your windows.

Custom Keys List

This activator has a custom keys list included. If you don’t want to activate by using Windows Loader, then you can also generate an activation key that you can use to activate Windows by yourself.

Compatible with All Languages

Windows Loader supports all the language systems. If you are using another language except for English on your computer, then it will detect it automatically and then you can activate it also.

Secure Your System Files

This tool doesn’t affect your system files, also it will not modify it. Your files are 100% safe and secure.

Trial Reset

It has the ability to reset the Trial of your windows. If you don’t want to activate windows, then you can reset its trial and then it will give you another trial for the specific time.

100% Safe & Secure

Windows 7 Loader Crack is 100% safe and secure to use. It is trusted by many users and they are using it for years.

I have also used Windows loader to activate my Windows 7 but now I am using Windows 10 and that’s why now I use KMSPico.

Free of Cost

Yes, you heard it right, Windows Loader is the free tool to activate Microsoft Windows Operating System.

It is the best tool which provides its all features totally free, you don’t need to buy a premium package. Also, this doesn’t contain any annoying advertisements.

How to Install

It is a really simple setup for activation. Once you will start using it you will be able to activate any version of windows or office with it. Also, multiple product keys are available for one version.

Pros and Cons:


  • Activate you’re any windows versionwith it.
  • You can also activate the office too with it.
  • All the versions are supported by it.


  • You may get confused between different choices.
  • Also, a few features may be difficult for you to

System Requirements of Windows Loader Crack:

  • RAM: 2 GB of RAM.
  • HDD: 15 GB or more.
  • CPU: 1 GHz or faster.

windows loader download Crack


You can easily activate any version of windows with it. Above all, it also supports any office version too. If you want to save your money, then you should choose this. Anyone windows version you can activate with it. Because there are different tools available in it. So, that you should be able to activate all the versions of windows with it easily.

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