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Sonic Mania Crack is a game that is published by Sega for Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and for Windows. It was released in 2017.  It was created in memorial of Sonic the Hedgehog Series. Sonic Mania was created on its 25th anniversary. Sonic Mania is related to the original Sega Genesis sonic games, featuring speedy side-scrolling gameplay. It contains more than 12 stages out of which 8 are reshaped from the past sonic games.

                                                       Sonic Mania Crack

The story of Sonic Mania Crack suggests that Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends Tails and Knuckles start planning to defeat their biggest foe Doctor Eggman and his robotic henchmen, the Hard-Boiled Heavies

Release of Sonic Mania Crack

Sonic Mania Crack was released in August 2017 for the whole world. Many people thought that it is the start of new sonic series as the Sonic games that was released after 1990s cannot get much popularity. Its sound, music level designed all were so amazing. It is very much better than the old sonic games. But it has lack of imagination. Several say it as the best game of sonic series and many describe it as best game of 2017. In a year over one million copies of this was sold world-wide across all countries. It’s new and highly improved version with additional features known as Sonic Mania Plus was released in July.

Platform of the Game

Sonic mania Crack is a side-scrolling platform. It is related to the previous sonic the hedgehog games. They were released for the Sega Genesis. In Sonic Mania players can choose one out of three characters. Every character has its own unique ability or skill. Sonic performs drop dash which sends him rolling in a dash after a jump. Tails have the ability to fly and swim. Knuckles can glide and climb on the walls.

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Levels and Zones

In Sonic Mania Crack there are over 12 levels which are also called zones. Out of these 12 zones there are 8 zones from the previous games. But these 8 zones are upgraded very much. The example of zone from the previous games is Green Hill zone which was present in the original sonic the hedgehog. The stages from the previous games consist of new elements and recycled tricks ideas from the past sonic games. Each zone contains two acts. In these two acts players must instruct the characters to avoid obstacles and to past various enemies. Both conditions are necessary for the player to reach at end of the zone. When player reaches to the end of the zone they have to defeat Doctor Eggman or one of his robots.

                       Sonic Mania Crack

These robots also include Hard-Boiled Heavies, elite henchmen that are taken from sonic & knuckles in which they are EggRobo enemies.

While playing the game player collects golden rings which serve to increase your character’s health players survive hits as long as they have at least one ring, but, if hit, their rings scatter and disappear after a short time Television monitors containing rings, elemental shields, or power ups such as invincibility and faster running speed are scattered throughout each level. Like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the story is told via short in-game cut scenes between levels.

 Sonic Mania Crack and Previous Sonic the Hedgehog Games

If we compare Sonic Mania Crack with the past games we will find that features of sonic mania are all unique. It has Emerald’s sage in which player need to catch a UFO dodge obstacles acquiring spheres. These all things are required to increase your character speed. The true ending of the game can be unlocked by collecting all the Emeralds grants. If the player has 25 or more rings they pass through a checkpoint. At this a portal opens which carry the player in the bonus stage.

Time Mode of Sonic Mania Crack Gameplay

A time mode is also present in the game. In this mode player have been given a particular time in which they have to complete the level. But if player cannot complete the level in time limit the can instantly restart the level to try again.

Two Players Mode

In two player mode the screen split into two parts both parts contains the characters. The characters have to race to the end of the zone.

Story Lines of Sonic Mania Crack

The story of the game starts when sonic and tails receives a powerful energy reading from the Angel Island. They start to the Island to investigate. But before they reach the Island the EggRobos of the Doctor Eggman are already there. Doctor Eggman has sent the elite group of the EggRobos to find about the signal. After reaching the Island the EggRobos start finding the source of the signal and at last the found a magical gemstone known as Phantom Ruby. And at that moment sonic and tails arrives. The ruby gives robos new powers and they become the Hard Boiled Heavies. They send Sonic, Tails, and the island’s guardian, Knuckles, through places they have previously visited where they pursue Eggman to prevent him from using the ruby’s power for evil, clashing with him and the Heavies along the way.

After a short time sonic and his pals discovers that Eggmann is using the power of ruby to conquer the little planet. They start towards the robotic fort of the Eggman. They defeat the Eggman and the heavies. The fort was going to explode. And as they escape the fort it explodes.

Portable Dimension in Sonic Mania Crack

While playing if all seven Emerlds are collected the Phantom ruby transport Sonic and Eggman to other dimension. There, the Hard Boiled Heavies’ leader, the Heavy King, betrays Eggman and takes the ruby, imbuing himself with power Eggman attacks the Heavy to try to regain it. Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and fights Eggman and the Heavy to keep the ruby out of the possession of both. After the battle, the Phantom Ruby reacts with the Chaos Emeralds, opposing Sonic’s super state and creating a wormhole that overcomes itself and Sonic as Little Planet disappears.

Sonic Mania Plus

An extend version of Sonic Mania known Sonic Mania plus as is also worth playing. It was released in July 17, 2018. It contains the character Mighty the Armadillo and 8iuk. These characters were present in an arcade game Sega Sonic the hedgehog which was released in 1993. These both characters have their own unique skill. The skill of mighty is that it can create a bang on the ground and when it takes the ball form the spikes won’t hurt it. The ability of the Ray is to fly without losing the altitude. Plus also adds an “Encore Mode” with remixed levels and a reworked lives mechanic, a pinball bonus stage, and a four-player competition mode.

Additionally, an update released alongside Sonic Mania Plus adds more cut scenes and a reworked Metal Sonic battle based on his appearance in Knuckles’ Chaotix. The physical version was released with a 32-page art book and a reversible cover in the style of Genesis or Mega Drive boxart covers, depending on the region. A soundtrack CD was included with the Japanese physical release.

                                            Sonic Mania Crack


This game can be played on Xbox, PS4, and Windows. We can say that it is a cross platform game. It is can be played single as well as multiplayer. The features of the game and both animated opening and ending orders led by Tyson Hesse. He was one of the artists of the sonic comics. An optional CRT graphical filtar is also featuredd in it. Its graphics supports both playstation 4pro and xbox one x. it provides them 4k resolution. The sound track was created by Tee Lopes of pagodawest games. The sound track is related to previous sonic versions as its sounds are the mixup of the previous versions. But it also contains new materials.

Main points

  • Developers: PagodaWest Games Headcannon
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Director: Christian Whitehead
  • Producer: Lola Shiraishi
  • Designer: Jared Kasal
  • Programmers: Christian Whitehead, Simon Thomley
  • Artist: Tom fry
  • Composer: Tee lopes
  • Sires: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Engine: Retro Engine
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows
  • Genre: Platform
  • Modes: Single –player Multi-player
  • Release: August 15, 2017

Last words

I hope I have told everything you need to know about Sonic Mania. Both version Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus are worth playing. If you have taste of good game than you will find this game enjoyable. If you are a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog series than you will also love Sonic Mania Crack. Now go and start enjoying this awesome game. I am sure that you will become a fan of this game.

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