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Dishonored 2 Crack+Serial Key Free Download

Dishonored 2 Crack is an adventure and action game. This game was published by Bethesda Softworks. Some features of this game were changed by Arkane Studios after some time. The game was produced mainly for Xbox One and PS 4. But after a while it was also released for PCs containing Microsoft Windows. And Dishonored 2  Crack Patch can be played easily on PC. Main characters of the game include Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano. Beside these characters there also some other characters added in this game which might attract you and make you feel delightful. A new void engine was also created for this game on which the game will operate. In fact it was transported by the art director of the game. The post-processing system of the game was a little old fashioned. Engine was created to improve the post-processing and in-game lighting to assist the graphics of the game.

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Guide for Playing the Game

The whole game is about murdering the one who comes in your way. You can say that this entire game is very ruthless. But don’t feel pity about the people if you don’t kill them they will kill you. There two different types of talking toolboxes. The toolboxes allow you to express your play. You can either express your play as aggressive or silent.

Main Characters of the Game

You have to choose one out of two different characters. I assure you that making this decision is going to be very hard. Beware this can make you crazy. But don’t worry we will help you out

The two characters are Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano. Emily Kaldwin was the empress of the city of Dunwall. A comparison between the abilities of Emily and Corvo is given below:

Corvo Attono

Dishonored 2 Crack

Corvo Attono  is considered as the main character of the Dishonored 1. He was the Lord Protector TO Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. He was enclosed for the murder for the Empress. After that he was exposed of his honor by the usurper lord  Regent Hiram Burrows. The Empress’ daughter, Emily is kidnapped and Corvo must clear his name and rescue her. On his quest he was given the ‘Mark of the outsider’ which gave him access to some unique magical abilities. His abilities are given below:


It has been considered as the teleportation move of the Corvo. This move is like the Far reach of Emily. By using this move player can travel through small distance with blink of the eye. This power is necessary when you are moving in in shadow from one hiding place to the other. When you are doing combat, you can blink from one enemy to the other. This can be used as a great distraction.

Bend Time

This power is pretty much useful. It can only slow down the time at first but when level up of this power it will gain the ability to stop the time completely. I think you have that this power comes in handy when you are doing stealth missions. You can take down multiple enemies in combat and can also dodge projectiles.

 Dark Vision

This is only power that Emily and Corvo share. Dark vision primarily lets the player see to see creatures and useful items through the walls. It helps in the stealth missions. It will alert the player visually if he is making any sound. In Dishonored 2 Crack this power has been upgraded slightly, sending out 3 pulses which are split 8 seconds apart as opposed to one big pule in the first game.

Devouring Swarm

It is one of the most iconic powers of Corvo. Devouring Swarm summons a plague of rats to either attack unsuspecting enemies or devour already defeated enemies, consuming their bodies without a trace.


This is a very useful power. By using this player can fire a burst of energy which can blow enemies backwards. This power can used to burst obstacles away and even doors.

These are the powers of the both Characters. Now it is up to you that which character you use. Both characters are amazing and both are very useful in different situations.


It is one of the most powerful powers of the Corvo. This power lets Corvo to possess animals and after ranking it he will be able to possess even humans. You can possess creatures differently according to your mission. Example if you possess a rat you can wonder around unseen through the grates and along the floor. Possession is a very useful power and it helps in the game very much.

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Emily Kaldwin

Dishonored 2 Crack

Emily Kaldwin is 15 years older than she was in Dishonored 1. Emily was trained by Corvo. She is a really master of sword and a very skill marksman along with her stealth and assassin skills. She is also given the mark of the outsider and due to this she get access to some latest magical powers. These powers were not available in the first part. The fact about Corvo’s is that his powers are the collection of defense and attacking. Emily’s power happens to be like Corvo’s her powers are also mixture of defensive and offensive techniques and you can use her powers in both stealth and combat situation. Some of her powers are given below:

Far Reach

First power of Emily is known as far reach. Far reach permits Emily to pass her surrounding s at very high speed. In this you need to grab hold of something because player is to be pulled towards it. This aids Emily to get to the places that are very hard to reach. The example of such places is ledges. Far reach can be used to pull enemies closer to yourself  in order to draw the awesome sword performances.

Dark Vision

Dark vision is the second power of the Emily. This is the only power that both Emily and Corvo contain. The prime function of the Dark vision is to allow player to see creatures and items that helps you in the game through walls. This power is also useful in the stealth mode. If you are making any sound than this power will alert you visually. In Dishonored 2 Crack this power has been upgraded slightly, sending out 3 pulses which are split 8 seconds


It can be the most highly destruction power.  Mesmerise tares open the fabric of space and time in front of its target and presents them with an image so powerful it renders them immobile. This power can hit two targets at a time. But while using this power you have to be careful of your surroundings because if other guards notice that their colleagues are acting strangely than they will know that something is up and they will become more alert.


This is also a very good power. Its function is to connect enemies together. When your enemies are connected than whatever happens to the first victim will happen to all those that are linked with him. For example if three enemies are linked together and you shoot one of them with a sleep dart, than it will affect those two who are connected to the first one.

Shadow Walk

Using this power Emily can turn into shadow. This power allows her to move at the speed of lighting across the floor. Using this power player can pass through the grills. Before coming back into the physical player can kill one enemy in the shadow form.


This power allows Emily to clone herself and switch her consciousness between each clone. This is a great distraction technique which will always keep your enemies guessing. Emily can also use Domino on her clone and link it to any unsuspecting enemies.

Story lines of Dishonored 2 Crack

Fifteen years after Emily Kaldwin was restored by Corvo Attano to the throne following the assassination of her mother, Dunwall has prospered under her reign. However, a serial killer by the name of the “Crown Killer” has been brutally murdering Emily’s enemies, leading many to believe that Emily and Corvo are responsible. During a ceremony in remembrance of Jessamine Kaldwin’s assassination, Duke Luca Abele of Serkonos arrives with the witch Delilah Copperspoon, who claims to be Jessamine’s older half-sister and the true heir to the throne. The Duke’s men then attack, killing Emily’s loyal subjects. At this point, the player chooses whether to continue as Emily or Corvo. Depending on the player’s choice, the other character will be turned to stone.

The player is able to escape to the Dunwall docks, where Meagan Foster is waiting. Meagan was sent by Anton Sokolov to warn Emily and Corvo about the Duke’s coup. They set sail for Karnaca, where Delilah began her rise to power. During the voyage, the player is visited by the Outsider, who offers them supernatural powers and instructs them to stop Delilah.

Features of Dishonored 2 Crack

  • This game can be played on Xbox One, PS 4, Steam and PC
  • It is supported by at least 9 langues.
  • The Characters are highly upgraded
  • The story of Dishonored is very exciting
  • New and high quality graphics are added
  • The powers and abilities of the Characters are highly improved

System Requirements of Dishonored 2 Crack

  • OS: WINDOWS 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • RAM: 1GB,

How to Crack & Install ?

  • Download Dishonored 2 Crack
  • Unpack all files into the game folder
  •  Run Validator.exe and wait for it to generate an executable game file
  •  Run Dishonored 2 and have fun !

Serial Keys For Dishonored 2 Crack


The graphics of this game is very good. This is a worth playing game. If you like to play the games like assassins creed than you will also love this game. Now go and start downloading this game. I hope you will enjoy this game.

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